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12mm RH Scionon<sup>&reg;</sup> Grafting Shears
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12mm RH Scionon® Grafting Shears

SGS4-12R: New Slim Jaw Shears.  The Scionon 12mm and 14mm Slim Jaw models have a slimmer, narrower upper jaw allowing closer work to the surface on potted plants being which are...
20mm RH Scionon<sup>&reg;</sup> Grafting Shears
FeaturedGrafting Shears

20mm RH Scionon® Grafting Shears

The Scionon SGS4-20R is a new slim jaw version originally intended to replaced the discontinued 19mm model, the older 22mm model, and the 21mm models.  These models were initially introduced...
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Scionon® Shear Blades - 18mm

All Graft Crafters and Grafting Shears come with extra blades. Extra blades do not need to be purchased separately on your initial purchase. With care blades will make thousands of...
22mm Left Hand Scionon<sup>&reg;</sup> Grafting Shears
Grafting Shears

22mm Left Hand Scionon® Grafting Shears

SGF5-22L: The 22 Left-Hand Scionon grafting shears prepares graft wood 3mm to 22mm in diameter (approx. 1/8-7/8″). Most suited to whip & tongue grafting and peeling ’T’ buds for insertion onto...