What are Scionon™ Graft Crafters?

The SCIONON® Graft Crafter™ is a revolutionary new tool which will efficiently aid scion preparation and assembly. It is a bench mountable device which enables increased safety and productivity for novices through to experienced propagators. With it you have the ability to accurately bench graft the technically difficult ‘whip & tongue’ graft with ease, or pre-prepare scions of many other different graft types for grafting on later in the field. For convenience the device is portable and can even be used in the field close to where you are working. It has been thoroughly field tested and of high quality and construction. The SCIONON® Graft Crafter™ will deliver and change the way you graft. With care and practice you should get years of productive trouble-free operation from your investment.

The GBU is the recommended basic unit for most typical bench grafting programs. It prepares graft wood 5mm to 15mm in diameter. Other Scionon modules can be added to this basic unit over time as needed. THIS IS THE UNIT RECOMMENDED FOR ALMOST ALL APPLE GRAFTERS!

The GBU consists of one (1) Scionon® Guillotine Base Unit with Tongue Splitter and Yellow (general purpose) 4-way guide block plus two extra blades and fixings. This is the basic unit recommended for most uses. Graft Crafter™ models are backed by a 12 month replacement guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

The Drop Saw Unit is a module that can be purchased separately or added to the standard Graft Crafter™ GBU. It is designed for grafters who are working with exceptionally large or hard wood that cannot be cut normally with the standard GBU.

The DSU can be bolted to most common drop saws so that the saw blade does the cutting of both scion and root. By properly adjusting the DSU you can get the proper angle set for a good whip and tongue graft. The saw blade should have the most teeth possible so that cuts are very smooth.

Certain parts of the DSU will be cut by the saw, so we do stock the replacement base module if required. 99% of users will NOT need a Drop Saw Unit, so we no longer offer the complete unit on the website. Please ask us about it to see if it can meet your specific needs.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the fit of the ‘push on pull off ‘4-way guide block so tight?

These new blocks are designed to be a friction fit – ‘push on pull off’ to allow quicker rotation of the block when working with varying material diameters. It is necessary that this block remains firm under use. They may be tight at first but will be easier to rotate as they wear in. In cooler conditions perhaps the fit may have altered (tightened through contraction of the central hole). If necessary place a bit of lube oil on the block pin before inserting, also gently pry the blocks off with a screwdriver to assist removal. If the block ever becomes a loose fit (which is undesirable) through use, replacement base and guide blocks are available. Alternatively a solution is to ream out the block pin and retro fitting the tensioning knob system (as used on original builds) to the GBB.

What is the Drop Saw Unit (DSU) used for?

The Drop Saw Unit (DSU) is ideally suited to extra large diameter scionwood or rootstock wood. It is also very useful for very hard woods like pecan or other nuts. For normal whip and tongue grafting of typical fruit woods like apple and pear, the DSU is not recommended as Scionon Shears or the Graft Crafter will perform the grafts much easier and quicker. The DSU is an accessory for the GBU units or for independent use. It mounts on to the base of a standard 210mm – 250mm drop saw. It allows users to cut lager graft wood material between 10mm – 25mm in diameter. The LGB footprint mount acts as a guide to allow users to cut material using the drop saw blade. Rind, cleft and wedge style cuts are possible in addition to whip & tongue or cleft graft assembly using the TSU footprint mount to make the split cuts. The LGB is considered a consumable part in this application.

What is the Tongue Splitter Unit (TSU) used for?

Primarily the TSU is used as a footprint mount for fixing the main guillotine base block (GBB) to a work surface and forms part of the GBU3. With the splitter blade fitted it doubles as a device enabling split cuts to be made in various materials to enable whip and tongue and cleft grafting at the bench. It can also fix to the DSU or can be used independently if desired.

Are old and new parts compatible?

Yes all new injection moulded parts manufactured to date are compatible with original solid CNC builds. The new 4-way guide blocks can also be retro fitted to the GBU & GBU0 using the original lockdown tensioning system. The lockdown tensioning system can also be fitted to new models if desired.

The handle hits the wood when cutting larger diameters, what can I do to overcome this?

Try to work with the straightest material possible. If your wood is curved try to align it so that the curve is in line with the handle while making whip cuts for rind or whip and tongue grafting. When cutting clefts using the kiwi block make the first cut with the wood positioned in the rear recess with any slight curve facing towards the handle. Rotate and realign the wood in the front shallow recess and make the second cut.

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