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12mm RH Scionon<sup>&reg;</sup> Grafting Shears
FeaturedGrafting Shears

12mm RH Scionon® Grafting Shears

SGS4-12R: New Slim Jaw Shears.  The Scionon 12mm and 14mm Slim Jaw models have a slimmer, narrower upper jaw allowing closer work to the surface on potted plants being which are...
FastFruitTrees by Matt Moser
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FastFruitTrees by Matt Moser

FastFruitTrees™ an alternative fruit tree propagation method versus the conventional, outdoors field nursery.   Preface I am not a scholar or school trained author, so excuse my writing style.  If...
Budding & Grafting TapesFeatured

20mm Bio-Graft™ Budding and Grafting Tape

Bio-Graft™ tapes are self-adhesive grafting tapes that stretch with plant growth and are resistant to fungus and mildew. Bio-Graft™ tape is excellent for bench grafting as well as top-working. It...
Scionon<sup>&reg;</sup> Graft Grafter - Guillotine Base Unit
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Scionon® Graft Grafter - Guillotine Base Unit

The bench mountable Scionon® Graft Crafter™ – GBU is an extremely versatile tool allowing unskilled persons to prepare at least 5 graft types safely and easily. With minimal training and practice this tool...
20mm RH Scionon<sup>&reg;</sup> Grafting Shears
FeaturedGrafting Shears

20mm RH Scionon® Grafting Shears

The Scionon SGS4-20R is a new slim jaw version originally intended to replaced the discontinued 19mm model, the older 22mm model, and the 21mm models.  These models were initially introduced...