What are Scionon™ Grafting Shears?

These hand-held tools are an extremely versatile tool allowing unskilled persons to prepare at least 6 graft types safely and easily. With training and practice this tool enables the novice grafter to prepare the following grafts – rind, whip & tongue, cleft & wedge grafts. It also cuts chip & ‘T’ buds. The shears are supplied with full operating instructions, spare blade & fixings. All Scionon™ Grafting Shears share similar parts and blades. The major difference is in how the stack plates are separated based on the size of woods being cut. There is no advantage in ordering any pair larger than the largest size of wood you may be cutting.

The new 12mm is an economical entry model with a slim upper jaw allowing closer work on potted material that may be grafted. It is the most economical unit and great for beginners.

The new 14mm is an economical model suitable for most grafting of fruit trees. It also has a slim upper jaw allowing closer work on potted material that may be grafted.

The new 20mm shears are recommended only where you may have much heavier woods, up to 22mm or 7/8″, and really offer no particular advantage when the wood is in the range for the 12mm or 14mm shears. Left-Handed Shears are still available in similar models.

All Scionon™ Shear models are backed by a 12 month replacement guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

We sometimes have re-furbished shears available in various sizes at a discounts. Please contact us.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which tool is most suitable for my needs?

We are here to help! We will be happy to advise you of the right tool choice for your needs. Just tell us what material and sizes you will be grafting, and the types of grafts you will be doing. We will then make a recommendation for the grafting tool that will best meet your needs.

What are the main differences between the SGS1-13, SGH2-16 & SGK3-19 Grafting Shears?

Actually, there is very little difference in construction. The major difference is how Scionon has set up the jaws to handle different sizes of wood. The jaws on shears for larger diameter woods have greater spacing between the rest plates. The cutting blades on ALL shears are the same and are interchangeable. Since Scionon is always trying to improve their products, there may be new models that come out, but we do not expect any major changes from older models to newer models to make any shear obsolete. All shears come with two (2) extra blades and fixings to change the blades. We stock extra parts for all models. All models will make the same cuts and grafts.

Are spare/replacement parts available?

Yes! Parts manufactured to date including all replacement blades and rest plates are available to fit the original SGO0-10 builds and subsequent models.

What are the pins for?

The pins are used to pin stock or scion wood material at the side when creating whip & tongue grafts. They are also used to grip stock material to split the end when cleft grafting or peeling ‘T’ buds.

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