Scionon® Drop Saw Unit Module (DSU)


The Drop Saw Unit is a module that can be purchased separately and added to the standard Graft Craft GBU.  It is designed for grafters who are working with exceptionally large or hard wood that cannot be cut normally with the standard GBU.

99% of users will NOT need a Drop Saw Unit, so we no longer offer the complete unit on the website.  

The DSU can be bolted to most common drop saws so that the saw blade does the cutting of both scion and root.  By properly adjusting the DSU you can get the proper angle set for a good whip and tongue graft.  The saw blade should have the most teeth possible so that cuts are very smooth.

Certain parts of the DSU will be cut by the saw, so we do stock the replacement base module if required.  The complete setup including the DSU was formerly called a Full Modular Unit (FMU).  Since 99% of users can successlully use the standard GBU, we offer the other modules as options.   This image shows what was formerly offered as an FMU.


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