Grafting Systems-TAU-Tape Applicator


GS-TAU-20:  Grafting Systems Tape Applicator Unit

The Grafting Systems TAU is a more economical tape applicator made from off the shelf parts.  It is not part of the modular GBU unit, but is intended to be mounted separately on the bench grafting table.

We recommend mounting a TAU as a separate unit on the bench grafting table surface so that another person can wrap grafts while the GBU operator is cutting.  Usually one TAU can keep up with two GBUs when an efficient production system and procedure has been laid out.

Both the Scionon TAU and the GraftingSystem TAU utilize the same Bio-Graft and Buddy Tape core spools.  Either unit will come with the core spool of your choice and additional spools can be purchased separate or if purchased with the original order with a discount for the second spool.


Additional information

Tape Core

BioTape, BuddyTape, BothCore


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