Blade Refurbishment Service


We now can offer blade refurbishmentKEEP ALL YOUR  SHEAR, GBU and TSU BLADES.  DON’T THROW THEM OUT.  Return them to us and we will attempt to re-sharpen and or refurbish them for a small fee.  Most shear and GBU blades have about 2mm of wear to them before they wear out and must be replaced.  You should be able to get 1000s of cuts on properly sharp and re-edged blades.  However, improper sharpening can shorten their lives.  TSU blades have more wear available.  Blades have a double tapered cutting edge which must be properly ground for best cuts.  We now have the preferred sharpening system to refurbish many blades and save you some money.

If we can’t refurbish your old blade there is NO CHARGE.

The easiest way to send them is to tape the sharp edges and mail them to us via First Class or Priority Mail.  No charge for return shipping.


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