40 mm Bio-Graft™ Budding and Grafting Tape

40 mm Bio-Graft™ Budding and Grafting Tape


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Bio-Graft™ tapes are self-adhesive grafting tapes that stretch with plant growth and are resistant to fungus and mildew. Bio-Graft™ tape is excellent for bench grafting as well as top-working. It can also be used as a budding tape. All Bio-Graft products are manufactured from FDA approved polyethylene materials. Bio-Graft tapes will work in temperatures ranging from -40F to 120F degrees (-40C to +50C).

Bio-Graft will stretch with the plant growth, and will typically start to unravel and remove itself from the graft over period of time sufficient for good graft knitting and growth to occur. In extremely windy conditions, it may be advisable to secure the loose end of the tape in order to prolong its life on the graft.

Many of our customers prefer Bio-Graft tape for bench grafting over other tapes.  Comes in several sizes, with the 30mm tape being the most useful and versatile.
30 mm x 100 meter Bio-Graft rolls will typically wrap 500-1000 bench grafts depending on caliper of graft.
20 mm x 100 meter Bio-Graft is typically used for budding applications.
40 mm x 100 meter Bio-Graft is typically used for top-working applications.

Ask for special pricing for 500 or more rolls.

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