Scionon Grafting Shears

The hand held SCIONON® Grafting Shears™ are an extremely versatile tool allowing unskilled persons to prepare at least 6 graft types safely and easily. With training and practice this tool enables the novice grafter to prepare the following grafts – rind, whip & tongue, cleft & wedge grafts. It also cuts chip & ‘T’ buds. This tool is a portable hand held device allowing a multitude of applications and can be supplied with an optional holster for field use. The base tool is supplied with full operating in-structions, spare blade & fixings. The optional holster attaches to a belt and also has pockets for a knife and sharpening stone and/or spare blade storage.

The newer 15mm and 22mm shears are replacing the 13mm, 16mm, and 19mm shears as their stocks are sold out. All shears have compatible replacements parts.

The 15mm shears are RECOMMENDED for most grafting uses that most growers need and will handle most of the woods that are typically found.

The 22mm shears are recommended only where you may have much heavier woods, up to 22mm or 7/8″, and really offer no particular advantage when the wood is in the range for the 15mm shears.

We sometimes have re-furbished shears available in various sizes at a discount of 10-20% depending on the tool. Please contact us.