Grafting University

While Grafting Systems™ primary goal is to provide tools and supplies, we recognize that there is a need for further information and education so that commercial growers and nurserymen can improve the efficiency and productivity of their propagation programs.

Hence the development of what we call Grafting University!

As Grafting Systems™ and Scionon™ have grown and expanded in the marketplace, our customers often are requesting that we provide further training and consultation on their grafting programs.

From what tools to choose, how to use them, and just as important how to handle the product after grafting, Ian Adams of Scionon™ can be a huge resource and fount of experience and knowledge to improve your programs.  He is the “Master Grafter!”  For large customers, it is possible to have Ian  personally come and help setup and train personnel for large commercial grafting programs.  For smaller customers, Grafting Systems™ owner, Matt Moser is available to do the same.  Training costs depend on a number of factors, so please ask us about the costs involved.

As we set up more and more programs, we will be developing program guides and recommendations as well as workshops whereby customers can learn how to effectively and efficiently use the Scionon™ tools, how to best handle and store the grafts made prior to planting in the field, and how to best setup the whole grafting program.  Sometime in the future, we will have a Grafting University Curriculum and Guide for purchase.