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All Scionon® Graft Crafter and Grafting Shears are backed by a 12 month replacement guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. If you have any problems or concerns with your tools, please call or email us. Our goal is to make your grafting projects successful.  We carry a complete line of replacement parts and accessories.  If you do not see what you need, please contact us.


SCIONON Graft Crafer - Guillotine Handle with GBU20 blade fitted GH3-GHB1Guillotine Handles--- If you are doing lots of production where high efficiency and maximized use of your labor force is required, then we recommend that you purchase an extra guillotine handle which you may switch out more quickly when it becomes necessary to sharpen the blade.  By having another handle with a sharp blade, your grafting people will lose very little time and can continue to cut wood.  You can then re-sharpen the blade on the other handle. 





SCIONON Grafting Shears Blade x 2         SGS18-B22 084Extra Blades--- All Graft Crafters and Grafting Shears come with extra blades.  Extra blades do not need to be purchased separately on your initial purchase.  With care blades will make thousands of cuts before needing to be tidied up, re-edged or re-sharpened.  Should you need extra blades, we carry extras for both the Graft Crafters and Shears.

5-9 AT $16.00 EACH
10 OR MORE AT $14.00 EACH




SCIONON Graft Crafter - Guide Blocks SGC9-4WGB10 301Scionon® Guide blocks  are available for many different types of cuts and uses.  When you order or are considering a Graft Crafter let us know what kinds of grafting you are considering and the uses you wish to put the tool to.  We can help you choose the correct guide block(s) for your use.  In addition, Ian Adams of Scionon  is always developing new and improved blocks.  He will be happy to consult with you on any new use you may be considering and advise on the best guide block for your purpose.





SCIONON Diameter Measurement Calliper x 1 DMC525-1A Scionon® Caliper Rule is included with each Graft Crafter® unit, but extras can be purchased separately.  Currently calibrated in metric, but Scionon plans to re-calibrate into "English" inches for us non-metric types.  These rules are used to grade rootstocks into similar sizes for easier grafting.  They could also potentially be used for grading nursery stock and trees.  Available in both long-straight type and round type.
$ 18.50 EACH          5-9 AT $16.00 EACH     10 OR MORE AT $14.00 EACH



SCIONON Grafting Shears  Combination Leather Carry Pouch 147Grafting Shears Pouch is a handy accessory which will hold the Scionon® Grafting Shears, extra blades, and other items such as knives and tools for replacing blades.  Well made of high quality, heavy leather.



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